Did You Know Several Antivirus tools are vulnerable to Security Threats?

It goes without saying that some antivirus apps for computer are stronger than others but it seems that most of them have a common loophole. According to Rack911 Labs, around 28 popular names have been found which either have or had bugs which let hackers to remove important data and cause crashes to put malware in your PC, such as McAfee Endpoint Security, Malwarebytes, and Microsoft Defender.


What errors antivirus apps for computer are causing?

These bugs are called ‘symlink races’ which use directory junctions and symbolic links to attach malicious data to your files while scanning them for viruses and when you remove them.

This technique also works across platforms along with security apps. However, different approaches are needed on Mac and Linux systems. 

In order to unleash symlink race to your PC, the attackers would still be required to download and run important code on your PC. So, it is a tool which helps in initial breach before starting it. According to the experts, a lot of vendors like McAfee, F-Secure, AVG and Symantec have fixed the bugs silently.

There are still a few antivirus apps which are vulnerable to this issue though. This bug could slow down the antivirus software and malware can be even more effective for hackers. Even though the antivirus can reduce the risk of damage, you should still keep it updated. You never know if it could cut down the risk of any damage that can break into your system.

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