Why Chinese smartphones are still shipping with Clean Master and other banned apps?

The Indian government has already banned 59 Chinese apps totally in the country, including ShareIt, TikTok, Club Factory, Clean Master app and others. It seems like some mid-range phones from Realme and Redmi are still shipping with some Chinese apps that are already banned. Yes, it’s about a virus scanner app from a Chinese company, Cheetah Mobiles, Clean Master app. However, the companies have officially confirmed that these apps will be removed with next OTA update.

Although they have told that around a few months ago, many users are definitely not happy with it. Why is it so late for companies to replace these services or completely remove them? Some users still pointed out that Redmi has added non-Chinese app by replacing Clean Master.

Why Chinese smartphones are still shipping with Clean Master and other banned apps?

Why Clean Master App is so dangerous?

In case you don’t know, the Indian government has already stated that such types of Chinese apps like Clean Master app are doing nothing but stealing and secretly transferring users’ data to unauthorized servers outside India. For your information, the owner of Clean Master app is none other than Cheetah Mobile, the company which has always been blacklisted by privacy experts even before suspicious activities have come under government’s radar. This Chinese company had also been caught for data theft and ad fraud.  

One of the leading India’s smartphone brands, Xiaomi is still pushing this fishy app as a default cleaner app on its phones, despite the fact that it has been removed from Apple’s App Store and Google Play store in India.

I mean Why Xiaomi Why?

We all know Xiaomi is a brand which has always offered mid-range smartphones with top-end specifications that make their devices powerful enough. If they are offering such highly powerful phones, why do they need to add cache cleaner or any security apps? If you are buying a smartphone which has a powerful chipset and well-optimized and latest software, why would you need to use any third-party antivirus tool?

Of course you know about Clean Master app or other Chinese apps and security threats related to them, what about normal user who is buying a smartphone for the first time? As you know, these apps get all the permissions from the users, whether it is storage, contacts, messages, gallery, or even camera. It doesn’t matter whether they need those permissions or not. A normal user would allow all the permissions to these apps just because they think that this app would clear all the cache and boost their phone’s performance a bit. We can’t even imagine how risky these apps are and what data they can steal off our devices.

With all being said, it’s time for us to consider data security as our top priority, along with specs, software, camera, design and other aspects before buying a smartphone.  Basically, modern smartphones are capable enough to stay updated with latest security patches to get rid of any threat and are optimized enough to keep running smoothly in the long run. So, there is no need to install any third-party software to do such tasks.

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