Google Officially Releases Android 11 – What are the Top Features?

Android 11
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Google has officially announced the much-awaited Android 11. Google Pixel devices are not the only ones which have the update. In fact, it will roll out on OnePlus, Redmi, Realme and other branded devices. When it comes to look and feel, there is not much difference from Android 10, whether you like it or not. At least, there is not much difference in initial boot up. But, it will be loaded with lots of amazing features to make it the best operating system yet.

We have listed a handful of important features in this guide. There are several new features and minor updates focused more on developers rather than end users. We have listed the biggest changes you will notice.

Android 11 Key Features

Prioritize Notifications

There was no option to arrange notifications in Android 10. Some apps may get prioritized and instantly shot to the top of the list. In addition, notifications which come frequently and are not so important can get shifted down to silent section without any alerts.

But Android 11 is going to change things. The notifications will be categorized into Alerting, Conversations and Silent. As the name suggests, the Conversations category will have all the conversations. It will include all the apps like messengers and texts where you are communicating with others directly. It will also be applicable to DMs in Instagram and other apps.

In this section, you can give conversations priority. For example, you can set your family or boss to higher priority and distant relative to lower. The point here is to ensure that you won’t miss any important message related to your close ones.

At the same time, the Silent and Alerting sections will work the same as in Android 10. You can choose some apps to silence notifications. All in all, you have better control on notifications that you have already had.

Chat Bubbles

It seems Android 11 has been designed to be all about communication. This is why all the major features are related to chat apps, notifications and other systems related to conversation.

Android 10 was the first to introduce chat bubbles. But it didn’t get priority from Google and they didn’t come out with stable version. Now Android 11 has taken the first approach to introduce chat bubbles.

If you are using Facebook Messengers (of course you must be), you definitely know how it works. A chat head comes out above every other app by Messenger when someone texts you. Tap on the icon and you can chat and minimize the chat to the icon again. You can also remove the bubble until you or someone else starts next conversation. Now this feature has been bigger. Almost every chat app will be able to use this feature.

Notification History

Suppose a notification pops up in your device and you swipe it off without seeing it. Then you realize you did a big mistake. Ever happened? Don’t worry. It will soon become the thing of the past.

Android 11 comes with a new feature to save any important notification that has come all day long. Find the notification you swiped by mistake from the running list and find out what you have missed.

However, you have to enable it manually. Simply go to Notification history under Settings > Apps & Notifications > Notifications. All you need to toggle it on. The same section will show you the notification history. It won’t save any notification until you turn this feature on.

Updates via Google Play store

Google launches new version of Android every year and rolls out latest security patches every month. Either device manufacturer or your carrier delivers these updates to your device. But some phones get updates on time while others are too late or don’t get any update at all.

Now Android 11 has the solution. It adds more power to your devices in terms of faster updates. No one will be left behind thanks to Google Play store. Google can easily bypass OEMs and carriers to its entirety. It can fix some of the loopholes in terms of security and update some special parts of Android system. Android phones will be more up-to-date and safer, even though the company stopped production of any specific device.

Screen Recorder

Well, this new update is too late to the party but it is still welcome. A lot of OEMs are already offering this feature in their custom UI and Google Play store already has plenty of apps for screen recording. Finally, you will see a dedicated screen recording feature on stock Android 11. You will see it live in Quick Settings. Just tap on it and choose from a few options. For example, you can choose whether you want to record screen taps and record audio too.

Bottom Line

We hope you liked the above features of Android 11. Are you excited for the latest Android version? Feel free to share what you think in the comment section below. For more updates, please Like out Facebook page.

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