How to Buy a Smart TV in 2020?

If you are a 90s kid, you must be feeling lucky because you have seen such a great transformation of TV, starting from a huge Black and White TV to Color to LCD and finally Smart TVs.

smart TV

Yes, smart TVs have changed the meaning of Entertainment and redefined the way we consume our favorite TV shows and movies. Smart TVs are capable to do much more than what a normal TV does.

In this guide, we can provide all the details you need before buying a Smart TV. Build quality and brand name are things to consider but there are also other factors you should know.


Operating system is an important consideration when looking for smart TV. Android TV OS is one of the most popular options. However, it may take longer to boot up as compared to WebOS. Android OS is no longer limited to smartphones these days.

USB and HDMI Ports

If you want your smart TV to be connected to gaming console, speakers or other devices, it is the main consideration. A lot of smart TVs come with around two USB ports and 3 HDMI ports. You should figure out if it has enough ports for your accessories.

HDR Support

High Dynamic Range or HDR is the need of the hour, especially when it comes to buy smart TVs. It helps your 4K TV to show colors brighter and better than TVs which lack in his feature. When buying a smart 4K TV, make sure it has HDR inside. Even though it brings the cost on high side, but it is still worth for your overall experience.


It is another important factor as it influences picture quality. There is a huge difference between HD and 4K. The world is moving towards 4K resolution and you are not wrong if you prefer a TV which is future ready. 

Sound quality

Just like you can’t go for a TV with below-the-belt picture quality, you just can’t compromise with sound.


Size and viewing angles should be considered, especially when you are placing your big TV on a large living room.


Smart TVs are available in different price ranges, starting from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 200,000. It is all up to your budget and how much you are willing to spend on a TV.

Bottom Line

Smart TVs come with many features as compared to regular ones. You should keep the above factors in mind if you want to enjoy your favorite shows and movies in the long term.

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