Jio 5G Smartphones Details Leaked – Will Jio Kill the Competition Again?

Jio 5G smartphones

In July 2020, Reliance Jio has partnered with Google and we all know that Jio is planning something big this year. Jio 5G smartphones have been rumored to be cheaper than other smartphones in the market. We were quite confused as whether these smartphones will be 4G or 5G. But the hype is surrounding Jio 5G smartphones.

Finally, we got the official confirmation that Reliance is looking forward to launch 3 new Android smartphones – Orbic Maui, Orbic Magic 5G and Orbic Myra 5G. The best thing is that all of these Jio 5G smartphones underwent FCC certifications.

What else to know about Jio 5G Smartphones?

One thing is for sure that Orbic Magic 5G and Orbic Myra 5G are going to be the new Jio 5G smartphones. However, it is not confirmed whether Orbic Maui will be 5G or 4G. From those leaked FCC certification images, we can say it for sure that these devices will be running on Android 10, which will be expected to be stock Android (no OEM skin and no bloatware).

When Jio had arrived with 4G connectivity in September 2016, it almost killed the competition by bringing 4G plans at unbelievable prices. That’s the reason why Reliance has got so much profit with Jio 4G. Almost every Indian was buying a Jio 4G SIM. So, we can also expect that the company will bring the new 5G devices with the cheaper price tags than that of others.

Thanks to Jio, India is almost 2G free. As Jio has promised, it is going to make the nation a “2G Mukt Bharat” for sure. If Jio succeeds making some really good 5G devices at so affordable prices with its Jio-Google partnership, it will definitely create a huge “Digital India” revolution.

Jio 5G Smartphones Price

Currently, the company is planning to manufacture a whopping 100 million budget Android smartphones and launching them by the end of 2020. According to the Bloomberg reports, the next Jio smartphones could be priced within just $60 (~ Rs. 4400).

Jio 5G Smartphones Launch Date

Over the next few years, the company will also manufacture over 200 million units. We can expect the launch date of these new 5G smartphones somewhere around December or early 2021 bundled with crazy data plans.

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