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I know you are waiting for lockdown to open so you can hit the market and buy yourself a brand new smartphone. That’s why you are here. But there are certain things you should keep in mind before making any decision.

Smartphone industry is coming up with several new trends in each passing month. Whether in mid-range, budget or flagship, you can find hundreds of thousands of smartphones with so many features. So, it is easy to get confused.

Should you go for AMOLED or full HD LCD screen?

We will discuss this and more on this guide. So, we urge you to stay home, stay safe and keep reading…


It goes without saying that performance is the first thing that comes in mind when buying a new smartphone. Even when you are buying a new mid-range smartphone, it must have a chipset that is powerful enough to render high-graphics games like PUBG, Call of Duty, Asphalt 9 etc.

Yes, you can get a new smartphone with latest mid-range and efficient processors like Snapdragon 720G and Mediatek Helio G90T which can handle multi-tasking quite well. The best part is these devices fall under 20k. But if you don’t want any compromise on performance and you are a hardcore gamer, you can go with smartphones having Snapdragon 855, 855+ or even higher. They can handle demanding games with high graphics quite well.

LCD vs. AMOLED Display

When you look for a new smartphone, you will find two types of display to choose from – AMOLED and LCD. If you are looking for a smartphone to binge watch your favorite movies and shows more than gaming, AMOLED display must be your priority. It is known for crisp colors and sharp detailing. And yes, it also helps in saving battery life a bit.

AMOLED displays and flagships have become the things of the past. Even mid-range smartphones have AMOLED display these days. And Samsung Galaxy M30s is one of the best examples. On AMOLED panel, each pixel is lit separately. Hence, it won’t consume as much power as LCD display does.

But it doesn’t mean full HD LCD display is worst. Today, there are smartphones with up to 120 Hz refresh rate under 15k to 20k. If you are very much into gaming, you can go for full HD LCD display. It is all up to your personal choice.


You may definitely want your new smartphone to open your favorite games and apps in a flash and handle multiple things like no other. This way, you need a smartphone which has at least 6GB RAM. Also consider the type of storage – UFS or eMMC. Even if you are buying a mid-range phone, make sure it has minimum UFS 2.1 storage as it outputs faster read/write speeds. Considering the increasing usage of storage space by apps these days, it is better to go with a smartphone with at least 64GB space. Even better, consider 128GB if you want to have several heavy games on your device.

Battery Life

Here comes one of the most important parts in a new smartphone. If you are looking for a modern smartphone, it must have at least 4000 to 4500 mAh battery that can last a whole day, with fast charging tech.  It should provide enough juice for normal usage on a single charge for a day at least.  Also ensure that your device supports fast charging and comes with fast charger out of the box.

There are smartphones come with up to 20W fast chargers with proprietary standards like VOOC Flash charge, Dash Charge, and so on. At least, 18W fast charging is good enough for a mid-ranger.


Today is the era of Megapixel war. Almost every company is rushing out to offer 48MP, 64MP and even 108MP primary cameras. Does it really matter? Or is it just a number game or marketing gimmick?

It is true that you can capture large enough photos that can be printed with high megapixel camera. But bigger megapixel is not everything for a camera. If it is so, why premium devices like iPhone and Google Pixel still have single 12MP shooters? In terms of camera, Google Pixel is still known as the best smartphone series.

So, you must also look for pixel size, aperture and post processing. Go for a camera module with large pixel and small aperture value. For example, f/1.7 is considered better than f/2.0. While looking for photography, don’t overlook video recording. It should have EIS and OIS support. There are a few mid-range devices having EIS support on primary camera.

Widevine L1

This is relatively a new term that most people don’t know about. Today’s smartphones support Widevine L1 which helps in streaming videos in high quality. Most streaming platforms use it as a security measure to avoid privacy. Your video streaming quality will be locked at 480p in Prime Video, Netflix and other streaming platforms if your device doesn’t has Widevine L1 support. If you just addicted to Amazon Prime and Netflix originals, this feature is a must-have on your smartphone.

Software and UI

When it comes to UI, it is completely up to your personal choice. Some people prefer pure Android experience and go for stock Android. While there is a separate fanbase of MIUI and Realme UI, there are still some who prefer Oxygen OS which has clean interface and has almost stock Android experience.

If you are confused and if you can, you may try these UI experiences before making any decision.

Let’s come to the OS. As you know, Google has recently introduced Android 10 and most devices are already running it. So, you should look for a smartphone which has the latest Android 10. Also ensure that the company rolls out security patches and software updates from time to time.

Final Thoughts

When buying a new smartphone, there are several other things to look for, such as hands-on feel, build quality, Gorilla Glass protection, etc. Above all, you should look for all the above features and choose one which is completely balanced with something of everything. Want to buy a new smartphone, check out this list.

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