PUBG Ban in India: Here’s what actually happened?

PUBG Ban in India
PUBG Ban in India

September 2, 2020, Wednesday – The Ministry of Information and Technology has announced PUBG Ban in India after banning 59 other Chinese apps recently around a few months ago. Including India’s most popular mobile game, the government has banned 118 mobile apps in total. After the recent stress related to border area between India and China in eastern Ladakh and concerns with data security, the government took this decision.

PUBG Ban in India – What other apps are banned?

An official statement from the ministry has revealed that those banned mobile apps are threat to the national security, integrity and sovereignty of India.  Apart from PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite, the government has banned apps like Tencent Watchlist, Baidu, FaceU, Baidu Express Edition, Tencent Weiyun, and WeChat Reading. In India, there are around 33 million active players of PUBG. Hence, it was the #1 mobile gaming app in India. As per the report, there were around 13 million users playing PUBG every day.

Why PUBG Ban in India?

The ministry received a lot of complaints about misuse of some apps on Android and iOS, such as secretly transferring private data of users to Chinese and other servers outside India in an unauthorized way and stealing the same.

The statement added, “the mining, compilation of data, and profiling by hostile elements against India’s defense and national security is a matter of quick and deep concern which needs immediate action. It indirectly affects the integrity and sovereignty of the country.”  

With the orders of the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre has also recommended users to block such suspicious apps. Strong demand has also been imposed in public domain to take strict action against harmful apps for privacy of citizens and sovereignty of India to the immediate effect.

We hope PUBG ban in India and other apps ban will protect the interests of millions of smartphone users in India. This targeted decision is meant to ensure security, safety and integrity of cyberspace in India. The government has banned TikTok and 58 other Chinese apps like WeChat and UC Browser in June 2020, considering the concerns that such apps are being used against the integrity and sovereignty of India, security of public and state order and defence of India.

It is obviously a big blow to die-hard PUBG Users. But there are other alternatives available. Here are some of the Battle Royale Games like PUBG Mobile you can enjoy.

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