Top 5 Crazy Tech Gadgets by Xiaomi You Didn’t Know

We already know that Xiaomi has been the No.1 Smartphone brand in India over the past few years and has been making laptops, Smart TVs, Headphones, Powerbank, and other electronics. But there are some crazy tech gadgets that you may not know.

crazy tech gadgets

Crazy Tech Gadgets by Xiaomi

There is a reason why this Chinese tech giant has won a lot of awards and accolades for innovation and huge range of crazy tech gadgets. So, without going any further, let’s get started!

1. Roborock S50 – Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Tired of vacuuming your floors manually? This little robo will do the rest. It can clean up your home when you are away. This cute and smart bugger maps out your home with lasers and cleans up edge to edge. Once done, it even goes back to charging dock automatically.

2. Xiaomi Ninebot Plus Segway

This cool and futuristic self-balancing scooter is the next gadget for a Xiaomi fanboy like you. With capacity of over 100kg for 25 km with 18 km/hr of top speed, the Ninebot Plus is seriously a tech gadget you have been missing. Guess what? It has a lot of surprising features to make it even better than an old-school segway. It can even carry around 20kg of weight with shopping bag attachment. It seems to be like a next-gen valet service and one of the best crazy tech gadgets by Xiaomi.

Key specs –

  • Range of up to 35 km
  • 800W motor
  • Anti-slip 11” wheels
  • Brake lights
  • Headlights
  • Remote
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • 18 km/h top speed

3. Xiaomi Geometry Fish Tank

In this fast paced life when you don’t have time to spend with yourself, this innovative fish tank can bring the feel of calm and elegance to your office desk or bedroom. Weighing just 1kg, this aqualicious compact fish tank is not your traditional aquarium. It combines fish and gardens so cleverly that it won’t add a baggage of taking care of them.

Taking care of a pet fish and a plant at once seems to be another burden. But this fish tank has smart control to change water and clean up the tank with 4-stage filtration. Along with smart purification, its water pump has USB port to connect to a power bank or power outlet to charge up once a day. It keeps the oxygen flowing and water clean itself. To make it even more dramatic, it has LED lights to switch between different colors like pink, green, blue, turquoise and purple.

You don’t have to feed the goldfish Olivia and replace the water. All you need to keep this handy oasis on office desk or coffee table to add class.

Key Specs

  • 1-touch smart pumping
  • Easy to adjust oxygen supply
  • Separate feeding port
  • 5-color LED lights
  • Low voltage 5V safety control

4. Mi Electric Smart Kettle

Surprised? Yes, Xiaomi makes kettles too, along with other crazy tech gadgets! But you can choose from thermostat kettle or standard one. Both have elegant white design and look even better than other kettles. You can even control its temperature using your Mi Home app to keep your green tea from tasting bitter and ensuring all pleasant aromas. Even better, it is not that expensive as compared to other high-street kettles.

5. Xiaomi Rice Cooker

It is another great addition in this list of crazy tech gadgets. It’s time to cook smart and sell out your old rice cooker. This smart rice cooker has got minimalist white look with futuristic features like 200 rice menus, electromagnetic surround heating, and also cooks stews and soups. It is your perfect kitchen buddy to prepare well-cooked rice all the time.

Should You Buy Xiaomi Products?

Wait, did you mean whether you should trust Xiaomi? I know it is a Chinese company. There is a always a concern of privacy when it comes to our data protection.

I am just a common man like you, not an IT expert. I must tell you that Xiaomi has been launching smartphones for over 6 years or so. If it is so, how come it became one of the top brands?

No, we are not promoting any company. It’s my personal experience. I have been using a Xiaomi smartphone and headphones. My experience had always been positive. After all, we are here to give tech information. If you ask me whether you should trust Xiaomi, I will tell you to check their track record. They have been reliable and trustworthy when it comes to best and affordable products.

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