Zoom vs. Google Meet – Is ZOOM Better for Video Conferencing?

These days, a lot of working professionals and salaried employees are working from home due to recent COVID-19 pandemic. This way, video calling apps have been very helpful for connecting with clients and their seniors. Zoom and Google Meet have come out as some of the most popular apps for video calling. These apps are mainly used for business/enterprise use.

Let’s take a closer look at why Zoom has become one of the best video calling apps and why companies across the world are using it as digital meeting point. There are a lot of benefits of using Zoom. Here are some of the reasons that make Zoom better than Google Meet –

Over 500 people can connect using video calling apps

Hands down to Zoom for this feature! This is the main reason why Zoom is the best choice when it comes to connect with plenty of people at once. On the other side, Google Meet has a limit of 250 people, which is enough if you are running a small business. But Zoom is the best option for larger organizations. You can call up to 300 people with Zoom Business plan and up to 500 people with Zoom Enterprise.

Record Calls/Meetings

You can record calls and meetings in both Google Meet and Zoom. But Zoom has transcript feature which is a step ahead. Transcripts are automatically generated for any cloud recordings using Zoom Enterprise or Zoom Business. It means, you won’t have to take meeting notes on your own. You can keep written record of all the conversations. Zoom does the hard work on your behalf.

Choose Your Own Background

Do you have to video conference with boss or client but don’t want to show off your messy living room? Zoom can get you covered. The custom background feature can change your room’s background the way you like, be it exotic beach, cityscapes, night sky, or even your custom video or picture.

Email Integration

Zoom has complete integration for Outlook, Gmail, Microsoft 365 and other email clients on all tiers of Zoom membership. If you are not on a video call, you can easily connect with others via email. Google Meet has just Gmail support. On the other side, Zoom has been offering the same for a long time.

All in all, Zoom provides value for money

Obviously, Zoom is a bit on an expensive side if you are looking for corporate video calling apps, especially on Enterprise and Business tiers. But it is also true that you may not need all the premium features it has to provide. But it is still worth if you need them. Google Meet is relatively new and has a lot to do for it. But it is significantly more affordable. At the end, it is up to your needs and budget. If you are running a small business and you don’t have so many employees to chat using video calling apps, you can consider Google Meet.

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