What’s New in PUBG Mobile Season 13 to Expect?

When everyone is at home spending time with family during this lockdown period, PUBG Mobile Season 13 is here with more awesome add-ons so more and more people can get the most of this Battle Royale game.

Whether you are a veteran or new player, reaching airdrops and gathering all possible loots is one of the best ways to secure wins in PUBG.

What’s New in PUBG Mobile Season 13?

Mr. Ghost, a trusted YouTuber has shared a few details on what we can get in the next season. If the leaks are to be believed, this new season is going to have new toy-inspired theme. Yes, it will be named “Toys Playground” with more clothing and skins that will take you back to your school days. For example, you can expect some of the sets inspired by Power Rangers or Gundam robots.

There will be a new beautiful gun skin for Vector seems to be inspired by Lego. Like with all seasons, the Royale Pass reward of 100 RP will be the same in PUBG Mobile Season 13. But you can choose between two sets – the Flash Superman or Lava Superman.

The Tribal Treasure in PUBG Mobile Season 13 consists of a cool outfit with a headgear of Ram skull. Some other stuff includes an AUG skin, leather set with padding, a parachute skin, and an attractive headgear. Finally, Andy is a new character who might be introduced. It is still not sure exactly what he can do as he is supposed to be a magician.

The upcoming season will also add new voice chat commands. Season 12 still has a few weeks left and it might end at May 12. So, PUBG Mobile Season 13 may drop the very next day, i.e. May 13. We can also expect to have a change in Miramar Map.

YouTube Linkhttps://youtu.be/vuT7wYkgvNQ

PUBG Mobile Airdrop Tips and Tricks

You never know what you will have in Battle Royale games like PUBG Mobile. You must be very lucky if you manage to get yourself an elite weapon with right attachments. So, you must secure airdrops to get your hands on some premium level gear.

What you can get in airdrop crates?

Airdrop crates have loads of deadly weapons, gear and attachments. There are still some items which are common in every airdrop –

  • Weapons – AWM, M249, OTs-14, Mk14 EBR, and AUG A3
  • Gear – Level 3 Armour, Level 3 Helmet, Ghillie Suit, and Level 3 Backpack
  • Attachments – 8x scope, 4x scope, silencers and 15x scope
  • Supplies – Medical Kit and Adrenaline Syringe

Though you can’t have all of these at the same time, it would be great if you manage to secure your airdrop. Read on to know how to do that…

Tips to Secure Drops

  • First of all, TIMING is the key.
  • Watch for planes on the sky. If there is a plane nearby, there are chances you will get one nearby.
  • Usually, it takes up to 15 seconds for the crates to land. It shouldn’t drop on the ground as it will attract other players.
  • Don’t be too late or it will be a suicide for you. Even if you get there, the crate would be empty within seconds.
  • If you find airdrop lands too far from your location, continue your hunt anywhere else and let others to get the loot.

Drive to Reach Faster

When it comes to reach the airdrop, a car can help you go faster. You can get the cover while looting along with getting to the crate quicker. It is a quick getaway for you before anyone else arrives.

Team Up

Never chase a crate on your own. Be sure to squad up when it comes to go after an airdrop. Let other team members provide cover, while you can get yourself heavily armed. Check out other Android games you can enjoy for free in this lockdown period.

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